Monthly Archives: May 2011


Recently I have ventured out into the abyss of Operating system. Normally I run Ubuntu  Linux, and i really only ever use Windows for Microsoft Office (I find it better than OpenOffice). My new toy is OpenBSD, though I have also played around with FreeBSD. There are three main BSD distributions; OpenBSD, FreeBSD and NetBSD. BSD distributions are Unix-like operating system that are well known for security (arguably because no knows or uses them except geeks). Bsd distributions feature a fantastic system known as the ports collection. Each ports collection is a set of 3rd party application selected for BSD by the distributions developers. A directory in the file-system hierarchy is created for every application in the ports collection. These directory’s do not initially contain the applications, but instead it contains a makefile that stores information on where the binary can be found, and the configuration data. By switching to the pre-made directory of an application you want but do not yet have, and issuing the Unix “make” command, the application is automatically downloaded and installed for you in the directory. Thinking about it, i cant say that it is any better than the package manager in Ubuntu, though it does feel alot more fluent. More to come on my BSD experience as it happens.