Monthly Archives: January 2013


Secur-Tay2 is the second incarnation of Securi-Tay; an Infosec conference hosted in the University of Abertay Dundee, Scotland. I have to say, this years event went fantastic, and once against cements in my mind, that if you want to study ether Ethical hacking or Digital forensics, there is no other University to pick than Abertay. Securi-Tay is a completely student led conference, and really does the Ethical Hacking students proud. As with most cons it features 2 tracks, of which one I was on. My talk was titled “The evolution of rootkits into the mobile ecosystem”. As you might expect, it features all the juicy low level techy bits that everyone loves. When the recordings out, ill post a link.

The lineup on both tracks was fantastic. There were talks from everything from forensics, to AV, to Android hacking. The lovely sort of mix you want from a con. The free bar also went down a treat, and double jack daniels and coke was flowing from behind the bar! An excellent day, followed by an excellent night. My only criticism can be of the bar…. no milk, means no white Russians. :(. something the improve on for Securi-Tay3 is guess!

ps – a big well done to Tony Roper for winning the CTF an bagging himself an ipad!